MPU Board For Williams System 11, 11A, 11B, 11C Machines
MPU Board For Williams System 11, 11A, 11B, 11C Machines
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MPU Board*:

This completely redesigned board will replace Williams System 11, 11A, 11B, 11C.

These boards are plug-and-play compatible with the original board set. No special tools or mounting tricks are required and the swap can be done by even the most novice of "installers".

This completely redesigned board replaces the MPU board in all Williams System 11, 11A,11B,11C games, view the full list below. This new board has a balancing pot to compensate the differences in volume on the MPU and sound board. For System 11 games, you will need to swap over your two Game ROMS and 6802 processor from your original MPU board and the two Sound ROMs from the Sound board. All 6821s chips are provided with the new board, and the MPU9211 comes with NVRAM installed,so no batteries are needed. If you require game ROMs, please select from the drop down menu, and these will be fitted to the board. Most games use two eproms, but if you are unsure please email us.

Benefits over the original Williams board:

- Williams WPC type mounting holes for ease of install / uninstall.

- No batteries required for memory retention (no acid damage, ever!)

- Simplified driver design using logic level FETs

- Beefed up switch matrix drive for better durability (good to 100V back drive)

In addition:

- Board is made with 100% through hole components.

- No custom parts used in this design (all parts can be purchased through usual suspects)

- Major component designators carried over from original design so original schematics can be used.

- Board comes with complete set of schematics

Game Listing-

Alley Cats (Shuffle)
• Bad Cats
• Banzai Run
• Big Guns
• Black Knight 2000
• *Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball
• Comet
• Cyclone
• *Diner
• *Dr. Dude (Non-WPC machines)
• Earthshaker
• Elvira and the Party Monsters
• F14 Tomcat
• Fire!
• High Speed
• *Game Show
• Gold Mine (Shuffle)
• Grand Lizard
• Jokerz
• Millionaire
• Mousin’ Around
• Pinbot
• Police Force
• *Pool Sharks
• *Radical
• *Riverboat Gambler
• Road Kings
• *Roller Games
• Shuffle Inn (Shuffle)
• Star Lite (very few machines were Sys 9)
• Strike Zone (Shuffle)
• Swords of Fury
• Taxi
• Tic Tac Strike (Shuffle)
• Top Dawg (Shuffle)
• Transporter
• Whirlwind

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