Gottlieb system 1 Power Board
Gottlieb system 1 Power Board
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These boards have all NEW components! This board is also know as a Master Driver Board, Solenoid Driver Board, or Lamp Driver Board. Remember, that a used board on Ebay or a tested or reconditioned board you may find at a pinball sales web site is going to be 30+ years old, it's been used for many thousands of hours. It's life is almost up, or is going to be up shortly after you install it in your machine. Don't waste money on a used board when you can get a BRAND NEW one! Buy a spare, so when that old board of yours goes bad, just put in a NEW one!
Advantages of our NEW driver board
All new components, not 30 years old! Today's components are higher quality and more reliable. These new boards will last a lot longer than old reconditioned, retested, removed from old machines, or new old stock boards.
NEW versions of the power transistors, we have used the latest transistors to eliminate the old out dated ones. Replacements will be much lower cost and easier to obtain in the future if needed.
Protection diodes for the large transistor circuits. Older Gottlieb boards did not have these installed. If you have an old board without them and a solenoid goes bad, there is a good chance you will damage your CPU board.
Sockets for IC chips Z1 to Z9, if these chips go bad in the future, you can just pop in a new one, no de-soldering or reworking needed of the IC chips.
Extra ground wire connection, the old Gottlieb boards did not have a very good ground scheme, we have added the additional ground that is needed to connect to chassis ground. This provides additional protection and stability.
We have also provided secondary mounting pads for the old 2N3055 and MPS-U45 transistors. If you have extras and need to use them in the future, you still can.
These new boards are compatible with the original Gottlieb CPU board or one of the newer Ni-Wumpf or Pascal PI-1 CPU boards.
Classis look and feel of the original design, but with an new style and reliability. Components have the same reference numbers as the original boards, so the old schematics can be used for troubleshooting
Fits the following system 1 games
Charlie's Angels, Pinball Pool, Totem, Hulk, Genie, Buck Rogers, Torch, Roller Disco, Asteroid Annie & The Aliens Cleopatra, Sinbad, Joker Poker, Dragon, Solar Ride, Countdown, Close Encounters

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