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    WPC-MPU Board ColorDMD for a Stern Spiderman
    Our Price: £135.00
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    Our Price: £339.00
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    This board is a plug and play replacement for the original Bally / Williams WPC089 MPU processor board. The original MPU board that this board replaces is Bally / Williams part number A-12742-xx (where xx is the game number). ColorDMD replacement display for use in a Stern Spiderman pinball machine. Includes display, mounting bracket, and power cable. Easy installation*. Replace your original orange DMD with this low voltage full-color LCD display.
    Alltek Ultimate MPU Data East 128 x 16 Dot matrix Display
    Our Price: £138.00
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    Our Price: £229.00
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    • Direct replacement for Bally®   AS2518-17, AS2518-35, AS2518-133, and Stern®   MPU-100, and MPU-200
    • All late model Bally® and Stern® pinball machine     proms preprogrammed in a Single Chip.
      That is over 90 games on one     chip, the most games of any
      replacement board on the market. Just select the     game you want using
      a dipswitch.
    • Only board to incorporate FREEPLAY mode for all Bally machines.
    New Solid State Display suitable for the following machines:
    Pinball Machines:
    Batman, Checkpoint, Hook, Star Trek 25th Anniversary, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Replaces Data East Display P/N 520-5042-00
    WPC095 - Power Supply/Driver Board Gottleib System 1 MPU Board
    Our Price: £245.00
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    Our Price: £139.00
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    Pinball Driver Board compatible with Williams WPC95 pinball games. The board that this replaces is Bally / Williams part number A-20028 .

    This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM driver board.
    The PI-1 board is a direct replacement board for the original Gottlieb System1 CPU board.

    It is professionally manufactured, built around modern and fast MPU with a limited number of recent & standard peripheral components. Thanks to its strong reliability, its many new & innovative features and its multilingal menus (6 languages available), its success has kept growing since its creation in 2001.

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